To configure SGST and CGST, we use the Group Tax feature in our system

To configure IGST, we use the Normal Tax feature in our system.

Lets configure GST @12%, which consists of CGST 6% & SGST 6%.

Step 1 - Create SubGroups (For Accounting Purpose)

If you are not concerned about accounting, skip this step and go to Step 2.

Go to Masters > Taxes.  In the next sub menu - Click on New Tax

At the bottom of the New Tax Screen, there is a Subgroup drop down.  Click on New Subgroup. 

Create the following Subgroups

- GST Input

- GST Output

Step 2 - CGST Tax

Enter the following in the above screen

Name: CGS-6

Tax Rate(%): 6

Category: GST

Subgroup: GST Output

Click on Save

Step 3 - SGST Tax

Repeat the above steps to create SGST @ 6%

Step 4 - Group Tax

In the Tax Sub-menu, click on the New Group Tax.  

In the following screen, do the following

Tax Name: GST - 12

Select CGST - 6

Select SGST - 6

Click on Save.

Step 4 - Assign Tax to Product

Go to Masters > Product > New Product

In the following new product screen, enter the product details and associate the tax to the product